Providing Value to the ASAP Customer

Advanced Systems and Products is the most financially viable company in its field. In fact, ASAP is the only company in the field that never had a losing quarter, and never laid off a single employee. Yes, we are THAT successful. Even with the recent economy, ASAP has been able to consistently deliver quarter after quarter of growth.

When many of the top minds in the industry left their unstable employers, ASAP was able to pick and choose the cream of the crop. We provide top-caliber talent for top-caliber results.

When other companies chose to move away from BPCS, we stood by our customers and refused to abandon them. Our loyalty was appreciated, and more clients come to us each week seeking the quality and value they are unable to attain anywhere else.

ASAP stretches its customer’s dollar farther than the few remaining competitors can. We operate on a low-overhead model, which allows us to keep our rates lower than other service providers.. With top talent and top value, we’ve become known as the only sound choice available.. Contact us to see how ASAP can increase your firm’s value.

Company Background

Advanced Systems and Products (ASAP) associates have helped AS/400 companies and BPCS companies maximize the benefits from their technology and software since 1989.

ASAP is headquartered in New Jersey, with satellite locations in Chicago, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Massachusetts. Our clients span the globe, with a concentration on the Eastern half of the United States.

We are known for providing the highest quality AS/400 and BPCS solutions at reasonable rates. Our associates are considered among the best in the industry. To attract and retain this caliber of talent, we strive to make our company the only place a high achiever would want to work.

Our ability to deliver sets us apart. When we make a commitment, we stand by
it: no excuses. Valuing integrity, we provide our clients with honest, unbiased appraisals of situations so informed decisions can be made. ASAP customers sleep soundly knowing we are on the job.

We provide solutions to clients ranging from the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world to small manufacturing operations embarking on their first E-commerce ventures.

Customers prefer ASAP because they have access to a broad pool of high-caliber talent, while getting personal attention to their needs. What’s more, our rates are reasonable, and our strong management team has ensured that the many problems plaguing larger companies will never affect our clients.

Contact us. We exceed expectations.






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