Project Management

Training / Coaching

Are you tired of run-of-the-mill Project Management training?

Are you in need of sending your Project Managers to training but you feel like a MS Project course just won't cut it?

We can provide training to your employees that covers the important aspects of Project Management, combining good solid theory with MS Project skills. Effective project management is critical to success of a project. Our classes are taught by practicing professionals who run multi-million dollar projects for a living.

Just some of the problems we can help you solve:

  • Developing a plan that is a "wish list" of goals and dates instead of a solid understanding of the true resources and work required to get things done
  • Micro-managing a plan to such minutia that no one has a clear understanding of the project flow and objectives
  • Lacking a clear understanding of resource requirements, timeline, critical path and budget requirements

Do need something even more intensive that can span the length of a project? We can assign a project management mentor to help guide your internal project manager throughout the critical aspects of a project. This intensive approach is ideal for bringing in this fundamental expertise into your company.


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