Tools & Add-ons

The potential for getting value out of your ERP system is endless. ASAP is on the cutting edge of its industry and can implement tools and add-ons into your current configuration to perform almost any functional requirement imaginable. Do you want to web-enable your BPCS system? How about link directly with your suppliers? These are only a few of the limitless possibilities available to our technically savvy consultants. The only limit is the human imagination.

Here is a sampling of just some of our many BPCS add-ons:

Archiving: Remove old records while retaining access ability, improve system performance, reduce wasted DASD. Your users and system will thank you!

Automated Month End: Tired of manually running or submitting your month-end jobs? We can fully automate the process, includnig your custom programs and queries!

Shop Order Reversal: With one easy screen, remove all allocations, labor transactions, inventory transactions, or all traces of a Shop Order. Prints audit reports and creates an audit log file.


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